Wi-Fi Configuration Profiles

This page contains instructions for connecting devices to Suffield Academy's wireless network.

Apple Laptop computers that have been registered using our instructions should be able to join our Suffield Auth network without any additional configuration.

Other modern devices, such as phones and tablets, may need some configuration. Follow the instructions below.

Consumer devices, such as game consoles, smart speakers, and lights are unlikely to work with our secure network. Please see our instructions for IoT devices to connect these devices to a basic limited-use network.

To follow these instructions, please make sure that you have your Suffield Academy username and password. If you've logged in to your school email account, your username is the part that comes before "@suffieldacademy.org".

Suffield Auth

Suffield Academy's primary wireless network is named Suffield Auth. It uses a security feature called 802.1X which requires each user to log on using their own name and password (most home networks just use a single shared password). Because of this requirement, setup can be a little more complicated than joining a home network, and is different for different device types.

Enterprise Wi-Fi

To help with the necessary settings, we use an external website called Enterprise Wi-Fi, which has installers for different platforms (iPhones, Android devices, Windows, etc). Though the site is not run by Suffield Academy, we use them to distribute the wireless profiles.

You do not need to enter your username or password on the Enterprise Wi-Fi site. It is only used to download a configuration profile on your device; all other information is entered on the device itself.

Scan the QR code or follow the link below on your device to be redirected to a page where you can download the necessary configuration profile. For certain platforms, we've provided step-by-step instructions further down on this page.


iOS Configuration