Joining a Teams Meeting as a Guest

This page is for guests who have been invited to a Microsot Teams meeting at Suffield Academy. It gives a brief overview of how to download the necessary software and join a meeting.

Topics Covered

Before the meeting starts (downloading software)

Joining the meeting

Before the meeting starts (downloading software)

Teams has a web browser client that works with Google Chrome and Firefox. However, its functionality is limited so we recommend that guests install the Microsoft Teams application on their device and use that when joining a meeting.

Microsoft has installers for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other platforms here:

You do not need to create a Teams or Microsoft account to use the software; you can join a meeting as a guest using the invite link sent to you by Suffield Academy.

Joining the meeting

When you receive an invite to a Teams meeting, you should be able to click on the link to open the meeting. The link should open in the default web browser in your system.

Depending on your browser, you may be provided with an options screen. If your browser prompts you to Open your Teams app, choose that option.

If you haven't installed Microsoft Teams on your device, there should be a link to download the app, which you should use.

Finally, you may see an option to connect to Join on the web or Continue in this browser (Chrome or Firefox). We do not recommend this action, as the web client has limited functionality. If you are just joining and only need to see one participant's video at a time, it may be sufficient.

The video below gives a brief walkthrough of the steps above (if you can't see the video, you may use this direct link).

If you have additional questions, you may also refer to Microsoft's official instructions for joining a Teams meeting as a guest.