Registering Your Computer

This page describes the process of registering your computer at Suffield Academy. Registering your computer allows you to:

Before You Begin

To follow these instructions, you'll need the following:

Reminder: You must follow these instructions on your personal Apple laptop that you are using at Suffield Academy. You should not register your phone, iPad, or any computer other than the one you will be using at school.

Open your school email and open the message from the Technology Department regarding computer registration. The message will contain instructions and an enrollment code (typically 6-8 letters and/or numbers).

Open a web browser on your laptop. We recommend using the Safari browser as it will automatically open the software, but other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) will also work.

The email with the enrollment code should also contain a full link that starts with If you're reading the message on your laptop, simply open the link. If you have the enrollment code somewhere else (printed out or on another device), go to and you can type in the enrollment code.

(Click any of the images below to see a larger version in a new window.)

You'll be taken to a page at, which is the company that creates this management software. It should automatically attempt to download a profile onto your computer. If it doesn't, click on the Start Enrollment button.

If you are prompted to allow downloads or accept the type of the download, Allow or Approve the download.

The downloaded file is a profile, and should automatically open in System Preferences. If it does not, check your downloads folder for a randomly-named file ending in .mobileconfig and open it.

With System Preferences open, you should see an approval screen like the one shown here. Confirm that the profile is for Suffield Academy, and then install it. You will need to enter your administrator name and password to complete this step.

If you get a message that Profile installation failed. because the "New profile does not meet criteria to replace existing profile.", then it likely means the profile has already been downloaded and installed. If you see several existing entries for Mosyle in the profile window, you can dismiss the error and go to the next step.

Once installed, the profile will begin to download other programs and settings onto your computer automatically.

Open your Applications folder and look for a program named Manager with an icon like the one shown here. If you don't see it, wait a little while as your computer may take several minutes to install it.

Open the Manager application.

In the Manager app, click on the My Apps button at the bottom if it is not the default screen.

You should see a program called Managed Software Center. If you don't, click the Update button to refresh the list.

Click the (Re)Install/Update button for Managed Software Center. You will receive confirmation that the "command has been scheduled", and it should start to download and install on its own.

Note: you will not see a progress indicator for the installation (it will happen silently). Additionally, while installation typically happens within a few minutes, the process can sometimes take an hour to initiate on its own (and is dependent on your network speed). If the application in the next step doesn't show up right away, leave your computer on and unlocked and come back to it a while later to see if it's installed.

Check your Applications folder for Managed Software Center. Its icon is shown here for reference.

Once Managed Software Center is shown in your Applications folder, please wait 1 minute (to ensure installation is complete), and then restart your computer.

After restarting, launch Managed Software Center. The program will check for additional software to install. If there are programs listed, click the Update All button.

After installing, you should see a message like the one shown here telling you everything is up to date. In this case you are all set for now and you may close the program.

You may not get all programs (such as Microsoft Office) immediately after registering your computer, so don't panic if you're immediately listed as "up to date".

Managed Software Center will check periodically (about once per day) for new programs to install. You may also run it manually to check for new software. The Technology Department will automatically make software available using this program, and you should install any prompted software so that your machine has the correct versions of all programs for use at the school.

If you feel that you're missing programs that you should have, please contact the Technology Department.